Andrzej Haladuda, Wine, 1999

Andrzej Haladuda, Wine, 1999
From the series “Parisian Patterns” from the monograph “Les Apparences”, 1999, Paris.
Digital photography, Archival Inkjet Print, no 7/10, author print, NYC 2012, 70 x 50 cm (image 55 x 35 cm)

The photographs of the series “Parisian Patterns” were realized in Paris in 1999-2002. The project was supported by the Mayor of Paris, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and the French Insitute in Warsaw. In 2002, the exhibition was presented in the National Museum in Warsaw, in 2011, at the Soho Photo Gallery in New York and in 2012, a part of it was exhibited in Paris, in the Roi Doré Gallery.
The exhibition “Parisian Patterns” consists of 24 black and white and color photographs. They are a part of the great monograph “The Appearances” dedicated to the parisian culture and civilisation.



photography 1999 / author print 2012