Marian Kasperczyk, Back to front painting


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Marian Kasperczyk. Back to front painting / Peinture périphérique

Monographic catalog dedicated to the painter Marian Kasperczky and to his “back to front” technique. Invented in 1988 by the artis, this technique consists of painting on the back of the virgin canvas, then to press the paint that emerges on the right side. Depending on the light, the forms (portraits, architecture, objects…) appear or disappear creating a magic effect. Figuration emerges when the light is less intense, while a strong light makes it disappear and the painting becomes totally abstract and structural. Richly illustrated catalog, in three languages : polish, french and english.

Authors : Wojciech Ciesielski, Malgorzata Dorna, Anna Pasek, Alicja Polap, Joanna Szczepanik
Translation : Piotr Blonski, Wojciech Ciesielski, Barbara Goraczko, Anita Jablonska, Joanna Szczepanik, Philip Wood

ISBN : 979-10-90480-13-1