Sebastian Czarnecki was born in 1988 in Warsaw. He graduated from Warsaw University as well as from the Academy of Photography. Artist photographer working mainly in Warsaw. He worked for 4 years with the Copernicus Science Center. He realized commercial projects among others for : Ikea and Wolters Kluwer. In 2014, he received an honorary distinction as a curator of monuments. His photographs are distinguished by calm compositions and arrangements. His work was presented at five photography exhibitions : ‘Pocztówki ze snów’ (Postcards from dreams); ‘Iluminacje’ (illumination); ‘Spacer’ (Walk); ‘Powstania Młodych’ (Young rising); ‘Pałac w Pałacu’(Palace in the palace) (400 000 visitors). His photographs are exhibited among others ; Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Gdansk Shipyard, Collegium Nobilium Theater in Warsaw, Library of Warsaw University.