Christophe Zagrodzki

Art historian, author,
Polish, Central and Eastern Europe art expert

Born in 1942 in Warsaw. He lived in Norway, where he studied musicology and art history at Oslo University. Since 1971 he lives in France. He graduated in art history from Sorbonne University.

He worked at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs et cofounded Musée de l’Affiche et de la Publicité, where he worked as curator for 16 years. He also worked with Musée d’Art modern and Centre Pompidou in Paris, Insitut Français in Milano, Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin and with many Polish and European poster museums.

He specializes in poster art and authored many articles and books on history of poster, and also curated many exhibitions on the subject.. He wrote a monograph on Henryk Hayden and Alicja Halicka – artists of Ecole de Paris. As a music critic, he worked for many years with reviews such as Jazz, Jazz Forum, Jazzforschung. He cofounded Ars Publica association and Signes review. He worked as reporter for Idea (Japan), Affiche (Holand), and Plakat Journal (Germany).

Certified specialist in painting, graphics and sculpture, especially of Ecole de Paris artists and those from Central and Eastern Europe. He works, along with his wife Elzbieta, with the most important auction houses in France.