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  • Anna Laura Rucinska, Zagubienie w Paryzu


    Anna Laura Rucinska, Zagubienie w Paryżu
    Editor in chief : Adam Pluszka
    Editing : Elzbieta Walter
    Adjustment : Jolanta Kucharska, Mariola Hajnus
    Graphic design : Agnieszka Wrzosek
    Editions Marginesy, Varsovie, 2017
    Text in Polish
    ISBN 978-83-65780-13-3

  • Anna Rudek-Smiechowska, Wladyslaw Teodor Benda


    Anna Rudek-Smiechowska, Wladyslaw Teodor Benda

    Book on the life and work of W.T Benda, Polish-American ilustrator, poster designer and masks creator.
    Edition Universitas, Cracow, 2016
    Text in Polish.
    Coordination : Katarzyna Kosciuszko-Dobosz
    Critics : prof. Andrzej K. Olszewski
    prof. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz
    Graphic design: Sepielak
    ISBN : 97883-242-2731-0

  • Anna Sobolewska, Paryz bez ulic. Jocz, Niemiec, Urbanowicz i inni, 2015


    Anna Sobolewska, Paryz bez ulic. Jocz, Niemiec, Urbanowicz i inni, 2015

    Collection of articles created for “Recogito” magazine, presenting artists profiles, more or less known, working in Paris after the World War II.

    Texts in polish language
    Yot-Art Publishing
    ISBN-13 : 979-1090480186

  • Sold out

    Beksinski – Box of 4 albums


    Beksinski – Box of 4 albums
    Authors : Wieslaw Banach, Tomasz Gryglewicz, Wieslaw Ochman, Andrzej Seweryn

    Language : Polish and English
    Translation : Robin Gill
    Graphic design : Wladyslaw Pluta
    Edition : BOSZ
    ISBN : 978-83-7576-344-7

    This set is a unique edition of albums presenting the works of Z. Beksinski, two of which were released during the artist’s lifetime and in cooperation with. The collection contains the vast majority of works his works in the field of painting, drawing and computer graphics from the archives of the Historical Museum in Sanok and private collections.

  • Cezary Dobies, Les fables d’Artur et Blanka


    Cezary Dobies, Tales of Artur and Blanka
    Tales in Polish and French for children and adults, illustrated by Artur Majka.

    Yot-Art Publishing 2015
    ISBN : 979-10-90480-21-6

  • Cezary Dobies, Pendulum of time and other worries


    Cezary Dobies, Wahadlo czasu i inne zwatpienia / Le temps qui hésite (The time that hesitates)

    Collection of poems in french and polish. Cezary Dobies (born in 1971 in Poland) – poet, writer, philosopher, member of Polish Writers Association – proves once again that his poetry is universal. He refers to biblical and mythological themes, by contrasting them with contemporary realities, so that everything takes a different aspect. Moreover the collection is composed by different kind of texts : aphorisms, free verse, psalms, prose poems. Artur Majka’s drawings are also remarkable. Each text is presented in polish and french.

    Author : Cezary Dobies
    Translation : Laurent Chemin, Joanna Dobies, Krzysztof Andrzej Jezewski et Liliana Orlowska.
    Graphic design and illustrations : Artur Majka

    ISBN : 979-10-90480-06-3

  • Frank Herbert, Diuna (Dune)


    Frank Herbert, Diuna (Dune)

    1 tome of the Dune saga, the most-read series of science-fiction books in the world.

    Ilustrated by: Wojtek Siudmak

    Published by: Dom Wydawniczy REBIS, Poznań 2011

    ISBN: 978-83-7301-723-8

    Language: Polish

    11 volumes of the “Dune” series are available for sale, all signed by Wojtek Siudmak. If you wish to buy other volumes or all 11 available, please contact us at:

  • Galerie Roi Doré, 2010-2015. 5 years of research


    Galerie Roi Doré, 2010-2015. 5 years of research

    Richly illustrated album published on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Roi Doré Gallery. It contains texts presenting the history of the polish art scene in Paris after the World War II and the history of the Gallery and the artists it exhibits.

    Cover design: Michal Batory

    Yot-Art Publishing
    ISBN: 979-10-90480-16-2

  • Jan Sochon, Polmrok (Dusk), 2016


    Jan Sochon, Polmrok (Dusk), 2016
    Poetry book by Father Jan Sochon. Illustrations from Artur Majka

    Texts in polish language

    Yot-Art Publishing
    ISBN : 979-10-90480-22-3

  • Jozef Bury, Peindre encore


    Jozef Bury. Peindre encore (Still paint)

    Catalog published on occasion of the exhibition “Jozef Bury. Peindre encore” at Roi Doré Gallery, from May 26 to June 25, 2011.
    Published under the direction of Cécile de Bary with the contributions of Richard Crevier and Marcin Sobieszczanski.

    Graphic design : Jarek Kruk
    Éditions Yot-Art, 2011

  • Jozef Sadzik, Wiersze


    Jozef Sadzik, Wiersze (Poems)

    Jozef Sadzik (born 16.02.1933 in Sulkowice, near Cracow – died 26.08.1980 in Osny, near Paris), founder of the Editions du Dialogue in Paris, publishing books in Polish. Among his friends, a lot of emigrated writers and artists such as Czeslaw Milosz, Jozef Czapski, Zygmunt Hertz or Jan Lebenstein. Founder of a reading and discussion center for Polish, the Center of Dialogue. Since many years, Father Marek Wittbrot takes care of all the inheritance left by the Father Sadzik, who promotes the founder of the Center of Dialogue and is the editor of the internet review “Recogito”. This volume of poetry published in “Recogito” collection aims to save from oblivion this priest of Polish culture, poet and philosopher.

    Texts in Polish : Jozef Sadzik – Piotr Roszak / Marek Wittbrot
    Coordination : Alicja Polap
    Consultation : Joanna Dobies, Anna Sobolewska, Witold Urbanowicz
    Graphic design and illustration : Artur Majka

  • Exhibition catalog “Beksiński – In hoc signo vinces”


    Exhibition catalog “Beksiński – In hoc signo vinces”, 2018
    Coordination : Magdalena Sawczuk, Karolina Zabicka
    Texts : Piotr Dmochowski, Ewa Korpysz, ks. Miroslaw Nowak, Karolina Zabicka
    Correction and consultation : Alicja Polap, Magdalena Sawczuk
    Graphic design : Artur Majka
    Reproduction of works from the private collection: Piotr Dmochowski
    Reproduction of works from the Warsaw Archdiocese Museum collection : MAW – Adam Gornicki
    Copyright of Zdzislaw Beksinski’s works © Sanok Historical Museum
    ISBN : 978-83-950790-1-6
    Edition : Musée de l’Archidiocèse de Varsovie
    The printing of the catalog was supported by POLPHARMA S.A.
    Impression : NOWA GRAFIA, Varsovie