Born in 1961 in Warsaw, a French artist of Polish origin, she lived in Poland and France, and moved to the UK in 2000, where she now lives and works. Art and crafts have always had an important place in her family and from an early age, she was encouraged to try her hand at various fields of creation and took classes in art and drawing. The artist has never abandoned her creative work which is a fundamental part of her. Over the years, she has devoted much of her time to learning various techniques and experimenting with new materials, including textiles, which are warm and versatile despite being difficult to work with. She therefore leans towards traditional wall decorations- today a vanishing art form. “I consider my creations an unframed and boundless art linking the past and the present using both techniques reminiscent of traditional tapestries and tinctures and modern materials and methods. A big part of my work is inspired by my multicultural nomadic life, past styles, religion and nature. I pay a lot of attention to detail, which translates into works containing a sense of discovery, astonishment and wonder for every type of person. I am particularly fascinated by the way the wall-hangings become alive, trembling at the tiniest air movements. Being influenced by the aesthetics and philosophies of the late nineteenth century, I believe that the artificial divides between craftsmanship, design and pure art are irrelevant. I agree with William Morris who said: “Do not have anything in your house that you do not know is useful or think it is beautiful” but I would like to add “without succumbing to fashion and trends”.